Special visit

Our June 2019 Holiday club was all about being RESCUED. This club was a special one as we had a visit from the local fire fighters with their fire engine! They talked about what it means to be a fire fighter; what to do in the event of a fire and showed the young people all their equipment. They were even allowed to go inside the fire truck and shoot the water hose!

Later on the young people were divided into teams and named after jobs that have a position of rescue, e.g. fire fighters, paramedics. They were coached three stations of sports (badminton, dodge ball and team games) and at the end of the day they got to play a match.

On the second day we had a life guard visit who demonstrated how to put a person into the recovery position and check if they are conscious or not; talked about their job and how to prevent and react in emergencies by the sea.

Being informed about these two jobs did not only give the young people insight into potential careers but also showed them skills to use in their daily life.

A huge thank you to our guests for coming to visit our holiday club. We learnt a lot, had fun playing sports with children from different communities and learnt about Jesus being our rescuer with the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

Azokwand from Lwandle:”We learned to respect each other and to work as a team.”