The Team

Rozanne Gordon


Name: Rozanne Gordon

Position: Director, Head coach


Rozanne is the newly appointed director for the Academy. She has years of experience in gross motor development and sports skills among children. She has a passion for working with kids and has some exciting ideas for the future of the Academy. 


Beth Veenendaal

Beth Veenendaal


Name: Beth Veenendaal

Beth Veenendal is the impassioned founder of The Helderberg Academy. She came to us from the UK and after spending some time in the communities, she felt God break her heart for the generations of children suffering or being affected by the abuse of drugs and alcohol, gang activity, child neglect or abuse and fatherlessness, all affecting the young children in our communities. Beth came with a wealth of experience as a qualified phys. Ed teacher amongst many other accomplishments and once in South Africa, played for Western Province rugby. Using her amazing talents and passion, she opened the academy as a non-profit organisation and during the past 8 years, invested her heart and time into building a program that would affect real change in the communities. Using sport as a tool to unite different race and cultural groups and using a whole life coaching approach to allow children to learn skills that would inspire them to become leaders, role models, and cause a change in the cycle within their communities. Beth has laid a wonderful foundation for a great program and has made a huge impact in the lives of the kids she has taught over the years. We hope that as we grow and evolve, we can build on to this legacy and make her proud!