Interested in joining us?

Do you love sports? Ever wanted to come to South Africa? Maybe you’re on a gap year and looking for something to do with your time? Doesn’t matter where you’re from, we would love to have you join us!  Our interns are from all over. We currently have interns from America, UK, Germany and South Africa.

At the Academy some of the jobs you would do for as an intern would be; coaching different sports in 3 different communities around the area, connecting with our kids from each area and some administration work in our office. At the moment we coach Netball, Soccer and Rugby so if you have any experience in these areas, it would be extremely valuable. But we want all of our interns to feel like anything they bring to the academy is valued, so if you have any other experience, bring it!! 

As our interns, we provide you with the options of renting our car and even a place to stay that’s conveniently close to our offices.  We are located in Somerset West, Cape Town which is surrounded by the Helderberg mountains and beautiful beaches but we’re also about a 35 minute drive to the city of Cape Town! 

If you’re at all interested, or want to know more let us know by giving us an email at: 

We look forward to hearing from you!