Emyezweni Weekly Coaching

Once a week we coach in Emyezweni, a pre school in Lwandle (a local township).  We coach sport from grade 1 to grade 3 children, aged 6 -9 years old.  We coach a variety of sports from soccer, volleyball, dance and gymnastics.

The government requirement is to teach two hours of sport a week. Due to a lack of teachers in the school this is very difficult for them to achieve, so we coach ten children every week, for three weeks and then rotate so that the school meets the government requirement. These children come from an area of low economic status and many of them would not have access to sport if it was not offered at school. So this is a brilliant opportunity to expose them to sport, not only for the development of their health and fitness, but also to develop social and mental skills, like team work and problem solving, that can be used in the class room and in their own lives. We have had a fantastic year so far and all of the groups really enjoy the sessions. They are picking up skills fast as they are so eager to learn.