3 C’s: Confidence, Cheerleading, Cricket

This month, we were able to have diversity within our sports. For the past 3-4 weeks the girls in our communities have been learning cheerleading which incorporates stunting, tumbling etc. With our girls we’ve switched from soccer & rugby to cricket. It has been such a privilege to watch our young people grow in areas where they might not have felt confident in before. Each week we have seen our boys and girls try new skills in a new sport they have never experienced before. We have seen an increase in confidence and boldness as they step into new things, whether in sports, at home or in everyday life.

Confidence was our topic for the month. As they gained confidence each week, you could see the continuation of trying new things. For example, in cheerleading we learned the basics of stunting. Each week the girls became more confident in trying different ways of stunting and trusting each other. This confidence in stunting continued over into their tumbling, which they then starting trying new tumbling skills. Our goal was to provide them with opportunities to grow in their confidence so when provided with the opportunity to step up and try new things in school or in life, they would have the feel prepared and ready to step up.


We want to empower these children to become the best they can be. Full of confidence, and never shying away from opportunities. This month was an incredible way to see that our kids are full of potential, showing us to never be afraid to try something new, even if you fail. A great reminder for us all.